1. Definitions:
  • "Account" refers to the account of a Buyer, Seller, or Broker involved in a transaction.
  • "Agreement" includes this Agreement, the current operating rules on the Platform, and the Transaction iescrowpay.com Instructions.
  • "Transaction Detail Screens" are the pages on the Platform where Users input all necessary information for a transaction.
  • "iescrowpay.com Instructions" or "General Instructions" refer to the document on the Platform that includes the agreed-upon terms from the Transaction Detail Screens, along with the other terms and conditions of the iescrowpay.com transaction.
  • "User" means any Buyer, Seller, or Broker participating in a transaction.
  • "Platform" refers to the website for the Services, located at www.iescrowpay.com.
  1. Description of the Service:
  • The Services are online transaction management services provided by iescrowpay.com that aim to facilitate the completion of a transaction under the terms of this Agreement, the Platform, and the applicable Transaction iescrowpay.com Instructions.
  1. Limits on the Services:
  • Only registered Users may use the Services.
  • To register, you must provide all requested information on the Platform.
  1. Rejection of Payment:
  • iescrowpay.com is not responsible if a User's bank account, credit card, debit card, or electronic funds transfer fails to complete a transaction due to the User's agreement with their financial institution and/or applicable law.
  • iescrowpay.com may post rules related to payment on the Platform and modify them as necessary.
  • If you access the Site through a third-party entity, you give permission for that third party to transfer relevant data to iescrowpay.com to help facilitate the Transaction.
  • You guarantee that all information you provide to iescrowpay.com or to the third party is accurate, complete, and truthful.
  • The person who enters into this Agreement on behalf of a User guarantees that they are authorized to do so and that they are at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • All Users involved in a Transaction must register on the Site, accept the General iescrowpay.com Instructions, and agree to the Transaction iescrowpay.com Instructions to initiate and commence a Transaction.
  1. Obligations of Sellers:
  • Each Seller in a Transaction must designate an Account to receive payment for the Transaction on the Transaction Detail Screens.
  • The Seller gives IES and its authorized agent permission to credit their Account for payment of the purchase price or any balance due and to debit the Account to fulfill the Seller's obligations.
  • The Seller must deliver the items specified in the Transaction Detail Screens directly to the Buyer at the address provided by the Buyer on the iescrowpay.com website, following the terms and conditions set out in the Transaction iescrowpay.com Instructions and General iescrowpay.com Instructions.
  • The Seller must use a delivery service that confirms delivery and provide iescrowpay.com with a tracking or reference number for the shipment.
  • The Seller authorizes iescrowpay.com to act as its agent to communicate with the shipping company about the delivery of the goods.
  • If iescrowpay.com does not receive notice of shipment from the Seller within ten (10) calendar days of iescrowpay.com's notification to ship the items, the Seller authorizes iescrowpay.com to return the iescrowpay funds (excluding iescrowpay.com fees) to the Buyer.
  • If the Buyer returns the items, the Seller must notify iescrowpay.com of the returned items.
  • Once notified, the Seller's five (5) day inspection period will begin.
  • If the Seller accepts the returned items within the inspection period or

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